Determining the Measured Mile for Lost Productivity Claims

Abstract:  Proving and quantifying lost productivity is one of the most challenging areas in construction claims. Among the available approaches, the measured mile method is ranked as the most preferred method to quantify lost productivity according to AACE International. The method is preferred, in part, because it eliminates disputes over the validity of the original estimate by comparing actual productivity of similar work, with the primary difference being the impacts in question. Since the distinction between the impacted and non-impacted sections in many projects is not readily observable, researchers and professionals have developed various procedures to help identify the measured mile. In the paper, the authors will review various techniques that have been developed previously and present their Improved Baseline Method.

"Determining the Measured Mile for Lost Productivity Claims", by Dr. Tong Zhao, PE, PSP and J. Mark Dungan.  This paper was presented at the 2015 AACE International Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. June 2015.  See our online form to request a copy.



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