Jeffrey E. Fuchs (Delta), Phillip Croessmann (Westberg, Croessmann & Warren), Jeffrey Luney (Matrix IMA), and Peter Warren (Westberg, Croessmann & Warren) authored a practical guide that focuses on working with expert witness in construction law cases. The book points out many of the legal aspects that counsel should pay particular attention to in preparing for trial. It includes many real-life examples, practical tips, and useful checklists, as well as examples of expert contracts, expert resumes, expert reports, discovery requests, motions, expert depositions, property inspection reports, and examinations of experts at trial. Delta's contributing authors include Mark Dungan, Dakus Gunn, Robert Cavoto, and Dr. Tong Zhao of Delta Consulting Group who provided countless hours of research and content to the book.

The book, Expert Witness: Construction Cases, West Publishing (Updated Version) can be ordered through West Thomson, at

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Dakus Gunn

Dakus-Gunn-83x123Dakus Gunn is a testifying expert in both delay analyses and damages calculations with 15 years of experience in project scheduling, mediation, arbitration [both domestic and international], dispute adjudication boards, and federal trial.  He has extensive experience in disputes pertaining to transportation projects, renewable and non-renewable energy facilities, land development, residential projects, and entertainment & sports arenas.

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