Abstract:  A contractor makes certain assumptions regarding the scope of work represented in a contract, specifications and drawings, construction sequence, and schedule. Should those conditions change, the contractor may suffer economic losses related to unplanned extra effort. However, in the case of lost productivity, identifying the cause and effect is often illusive and in some cases contracts even try to explicitly bar loss of productivity claims. This paper discusses loss of productivity, an important piece in the construction claim puzzle, and employing the measured-mile methodology to prove the damage. This paper also discusses potential methods of recovering extra labor when loss of productivity claims are explicitly denied in the contract.

This article, Lost Productivity -- Finding the Missing Puzzle Pieces and Contract Bars,  by Dr. Tong Zhao, PE, PSP; and J. Mark Dungan appeared as a 2014 AACE International Technical Paper, CDR.1659.  Download the full article in pdf format.

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2011 Delta-CGI Dungan 35 suit-83x123-thumbnailMark Dungan has testified as an expert in delay analyses, damage calculations, loss of productivity, cost estimates, and contract administration matters.  In addition, he holds a Class A contractor’s license and provides consultation on active projects. Mark recently co-authored a peer reviewed article presenting their Improved Baseline Method (IBM) method of calculating inefficiencies.

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