Justin Marsh, MBA, CMA

Associate Director

JMarsh 180x270Justin Marsh has fifteen years of consulting experience handling accounting and damages related issues, particularly as it relates to commercial contracts and construction. He has developed and analyzed numerous construction damages claims for both owners and contractors in mediation, arbitration, and trials. Mr. Marsh has assisted counsel and clients on both litigation and non-litigation matters in many industries, including: construction, transportation, public works, residential and commercial developments, and healthcare. Mr. Marsh has developed and analyzed claims for damages, including increased direct and indirect project costs, breaches and terminations of contracts, delays, lost productivity, acceleration costs, cost categorization review, job site and home office overhead, and cost variance analysis.

Selected Experience

  • Led a team of contractors and consultants to prepare $1.3 billion change proposal for a contractor providing logistical support to military bases in Afghanistan. Work included validating the contractor’s original estimate and identifying expanded government-directed scope to justify the increased contractor expense.
  • Engaged by the designer of a 15 billion gallon water reservoir in Tampa, Florida, to respond to the owner’s claim for over $150 million in damages due to unusual cracking in the lining of the facility.
  • Advised Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise in a contract management role to work with client personnel to understand the status of the contract with the contractor responsible for the implementation of a new statewide toll collection system. Worked with the project’s management team to develop a negotiation strategy in order to remove some of the contractor’s scope from the project.
  • Assisted over 900 clients in preparing over $500 million in claims as part of the BP Deepwater Horizon Settlement. Work included developing a model to determine the amounts due to clients, detailed profit and loss and tax return analysis, and responding to requests from the Claims Administration.
  • Worked on team to defend a $100 million damages claim related to the construction and design defects on a high-end, luxury life care facility in south Florida. Created model assessing the direct cost of repairing and/or remediating the defects, the cost of caring for the elderly residents during the repairs, lost maintenance fees due to concessions and lower occupancy, and lost revenues due to lost sales of life care contracts.
  • Analyzed a $20 million claim for damages related to a contractor’s claim for additional compensation on a segmental bridge and roadway project in Tampa, Florida. Work included analyses of the contractor’s claims and development of issue-specific position papers and rebuttals for presentation to the DRC (Dispute Resolution Committee).
  • Analyzed a $100 million claim for damages related to the collapse of a bridge pier and the owner’s allegations of faulty design involving an elevated roadway project in Tampa, Florida.
  • Assisted in the development of a $250 million global impact claim for cost overruns incurred by a multinational nuclear energy business in the cleanup of nuclear waste from buildings.
University of Virginia, Bachelor of Science in Commerce with Concentrations in Finance and Marketing, 2001
Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, Master of Business Administration, 2016

Licenses / Certifications

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)


  • City: Tampa, Florida
  • Country: United States


  • Telephone: 813.397.3701
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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