The art of planning a large multifaceted construction program or a complex specific project requires accurately defining goals, establishing objectives, specifying tasks, determining and allocating resources and then, relating these to precise budgets and timelines to ensure successful completion. Once the plans are finalized and the implementation begins, the arduous task of monitoring, overseeing, and controlling the resources, timeline and expenditures becomes just as critical as the pre-planning phase. Delta Consulting Group’s accountants, managers, engineers and construction and technical specialists have the skills and knowledge, from working on scores of projects around the world, to help clients coordinate the many aspects of a program/project. Because each one is unique, we assemble a team with the talent and experience that best matches the need.

Our team knows what happens when things go wrong and that is valuable information that is taken into account when managing a job for our clients. Whether retaining Delta upfront to assist with cost estimates or contract requirements; mid-way through to provide cost and scheduling reviews or labor production evaluation; or during the final phase with punch lists or final payment and lien releases, our integrated team can be trusted to provide objective, straightforward advice for a complete range of management services.


Preconstruction Phase:
  • Design Team Selection/ Bidder Identification & Bidding
  • Cost Estimates/Project Contingencies
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • CPM Schedule Development
  • Contract Requirements/Contract Review
  • Project Controls/Contract Administration
  • Risk Management
Construction Phase:
  • Contract Administration & Management
  • CPM Scheduling & Schedule Monitoring
  • Project/Construction Management
  • Job Coordination/Progress Meetings
  • Progress & Financial Evaluations/Assessments
  • Labor Production Measurement & Evaluation
Closeout Phase:
  • Punch Lists
  • Owner Training/Commissioning
  • Final Payment & Lien Releases
  • Warranty Period Inspections
  • Construction Claims/Dispute Resolution

The goal of every construction project is timely completion, within budget, for a specified level of quality. Our accounting and management experts help clients avoid problems by quickly turning around failing projects and by determining causation. This in turn reduces claims and quickly gets the project back on track. However, should a project end up in litigation, Delta’s reputation in dispute resolution and avoidance consulting is second to none. Flexible, intelligent decision making makes the difference on each and every program/project and Delta delivers for our clients at every phase.