In today’s complex construction environment, almost every major project encounters some type of delay or disruption. Often the outcome can be extremely damaging and costly. Determining causation and damages due to delay and disruption can be difficult. Delta’s senior construction scheduling experts and accountants are intimately familiar, through years of experience, with all accepted delay analysis methodologies. Using these methods we identify schedule delay causation and cost overruns to determine damages and entitled recovery.

Our professionals work with our clients to get to the core of the delay. Because we understand construction projects from many perspectives, we know where to look. This enables us to evaluate the critical data so that our clients are able to reach solutions quickly and efficiently.


Causation/Entitlement Analysis
  • As-Built Schedule Preparation
  • Impact & Causation Analyses
  • Differing Site Condition Delay Assessment
  • Acceleration (Directed/Constructive)
  • Productivity Impact Evaluation
  • Appraisal of Design Errors & Omissions
  • Manufacturing Defects Evaluations
  • Installation Errors Analysis   
Construction Delay Analysis
  • Construction Scheduling - Critical Path Method(CPM) based Delay Analysis
  • Concurrent Delay Analysis
  • Quantify Project Delay to Responsible Parties
  • Analysis of Cost/Resource Loaded Schedules
  • As-Plan vs. As-Built/Time Impact Analysis/Other Methodologies
  • Change Order Analysis  
Quantification of Damages
  • Delay Damage Calculations, Extended Overhead
  • Unabsorbed Home Office Overhead Calculations
  • Preparation of Expert Report
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Assessment of Liquidated Damages

Delta’s approach, using industry best practice methodologies, is to identify all of the critical issues and tell our clients what they need to know, not what they want to hear. Time is not wasted on nonessential analysis and evaluations. Our professionals are trained to rapidly identify the problem areas, report the findings, and help our clients implement effective solutions.

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