VMR-croppedProject Value: $1.4B
Services: Expert Delay/Productivity Damages Analysis
Client: Valley Metro Rail
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Delta’s team of scheduling experts, engineers, construction specialists, and certified accountants were retained to work with Valley Metro Rail and its legal counsels on the new 20 mile light rail project in Phoenix, AZ, one of the largest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the region.  Valley Metro Rail separated the project into segments and issued six prime contracts.  As the project progressed and neared completion, several of the contractors submitted Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REA) to their contracts in amounts of tens-of-millions of dollars.  The basis of their requests flowed from various issues including differing underground site conditions, site access, delays and disruptions, design deficiencies and impacts to their productivity.

Our experts were tasked with analyzing these various REAs and providing Valley Metro Rail an independent assessment of each component of each REA. This task required our team to perform a detailed analysis of the causation issues to apportion responsibility between the contractors and the Valley Metro Rail. This detail allocation of responsibility was tracked through a critical path schedule delay analysis to determine what portion of the project delay was concurrent and what portion was solely caused by the Valley Metro Rail. Likewise the detailed assessment of causation was used to quantify what portion of the claimed labor hour overruns were self-inflicted by the contractors and what portion was actually caused by Valley Metro Rail.

Delta’s thorough and expertly supported analysis helped our client successfully negotiate and settle the REAs in amounts significantly less than demanded.  Our client was pleased with the work performed by the Delta team and plans to use Delta on future expansions as needed.